Why Flip?



Outcomes of Flip Teaching (Short List)


  • Student comprehension and grades increase. Faster students help the slower ones. The faster ones learn better by teaching. The slower ones learn better from the help from both their teacher and the other students. No other teaching pedagogy provides the education support as that provided by Flip Teaching. Many teachers have told us that C and D students move up to A and B students.


  • All students learn greater socialization skills and enlarge their groups of students with whom they interact.


  • Failure rates are dramatically reduced.


  • Discipline problems dramatically fall.


  • While students grades increase, they simultaneously, and naturally, get through material faster. Therefore, they can do higher level, critical thinking activities and problem based learning in class that couldn't have been assigned as homework.


  • The stress from the parent - child relationship is totally eliminated since there is no longer any expectation or need for homework assistance from the parent by their child. In fact, watching the video lessons together becomes a social activity for the family.


Educational Inequity is Overcome by Educational Support Inside the Classroom.


Educational Support Inside The Classroom eliminates most, if not all, of the need for:


  • Longer hours after school

  • Additional tutors

  • Efforts to get parents involved, especially since failing schools and students are correlated with poverty and the parents are already burdened with long work hours and other efforts to survive.