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"My students LOVE the flipped model. They watch the videos and come to class ready to work. I no longer have to lecture. My students come front-loaded with information and ready to apply what they learned. Now we have time for all the interactive projects the students need to help them process and apply the content."

- Susan Bearden, Teacher, Language Arts, California



"The feedback from the students has been very positive. They have told me that they like having everything in one place on the CrazyForEducation system (the video lesson and the required posting after viewing) and having links to the assignments right next to the lesson."

- John Blaser, Teacher, Research Skills, New York

Detailed review of using CrazyForEducation for his Flipped Classroom.



"Please accept my gratitude for creating CFE. It is a teacher's dream to have a tool like this. 


I have tried to use other venues to post my instruction. I was very excited in finding CrazyForEducation, since the structure of the site allows only the teachers to post and only my students have access to the virtual classroom. They are not at any time exposed to age inappropriate materials at home or in the classroom. When I told several of my students' parents about this, there was a big sigh of relief that they don't need to be concerned about constant monitoring of information. I have been teaching computer science for fifteen years and I always dreamed of having such a resource for my students. CrazyForEducation is the perfect environment where a flipped classroom methodology can be implemented."

- Ara Chouljian, Teacher, Computer Science, and IT Manager, California



"Flipping your classroom is a very good way to open class time for students to work in class. You get a chance to look at students' specific work very often and have extra time to use a variety of different lesson activities including cooperative learning. There will be some resistance but most students who watch the videos consistently really enjoy the condensed version of a lecture. It is very good for hard working students who have low skills and struggle. Almost all of those types of students received either As or Bs in my class instead of Cs and Ds."

- Justin Teachout, Teacher, Math, California



"At first, I just relied on quizzes and questions, but that bogged down my classes. With the CrazyForEducation system, I not only have proof, but the ability to get summaries and questions through use of the Digital Notecard. Questions are easily asked without worry of embarrassment. There is a section in the Digital Notecard that allows students to write down their questions. I used to give out papers for this, but I like the database format much better. I can then pull all questions, organize them, and address them during my class time.  No one needs to know who asked which question."

- Timothy McGovern, Teacher, Physics, New Jersey



"I really like the lack of advertising and the fact that I can track individual students who have watched. I've been comparing a couple different platforms and CrazyForEducation is definitely my favorite as a teacher. The biggest advantage for me is being able to see who is trying (by watching, especially if multiple times) and who is doing well on the little quizzes. That allows me to intervene before a student becomes frustrated at any decoupling of effort and result."

- Corey Linehan, Teacher, Chemistry, Missouri



"From my standpoint, the Lesson Ordering is fantastic, and the Course Library is definitely very useful. The Lesson Assignment and Digital Notecard features do, indeed, allow me to 'read the students' minds' before they walk into class the next day. Up until now, I have been using multiple sites for my videos - Google Sites, iTunes U, and YouTube. All have good features, but none seems to meet my needs completely, and none of them seems receptive to ideas from teachers. I'm very excited to work with CrazyForEducation and really enjoy how responsive they are to the needs of Flip Teachers."

- Ian VanderSchee, Teacher, High School Math, Texas



I had conferences this past week and mentioned flipping to parents and they said they had seen some of the lessons. Many thought it was a really great idea. I've had students say they have gone back and watched lessons before quizzes and it helped drive home the content. AWESOME!!!


I really didn’t expect my students to fill out the curiosity question section, but they are! Some of the questions they have are things I either never thought of before or never had time to get to. Well, today, we were able to and we had such rich conversations!!!! They were excited, participating, and attentively listening. It has been a breath of fresh air, to say the least!

- Amy Hall, Teacher, Middle School Math, Missouri



"It's been a lot of fun making these videos for my students. It's really cool when I see the engagement that they have when they watch them in comparison to the other videos we previously used. I have students who watch these videos in their free time (over and over)! These videos have freed me to personally assist more students while others are busy with their work. I haven't heard anything from parents (other than they don't believe their students when they say they just have to watch a video…lol), but the kids LOVE the videos…it's a complete turnaround in engagement!"

- Robyn McPherson, Teacher, Elementary Math, Missouri



I'm DEFINITELY seeing an increased performance. So many more of my kids have A's. Just the fact that students have time to complete 25-30 problems IN CLASS has been such an improvement. The kids are loving the Flipped teaching. They are so appreciative that they don't have any homework. 


As a teacher, my day is less stressful. I'm not worried about what examples I'm going to show in class and the constant writing and erasing at the board. When my son is sick and I have to stay home from school, students don't miss any instruction. Within each class, I have up to three different levels of math to teach the kids. Traditional instruction was driving me crazy because I just didn't have enough time to spend with students at different levels. My students were passive in class as they watched me present the material. It was difficult to get them to work hard the last 15 minutes of class to practice the concepts. Now, students are active in class as soon as they sit down. They can see their assignment on the board and they get started without having to be prompted. It's amazing!

- Kate H. Guthrie, Teacher, Math, Georgia




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