Share Fair Teachers:


Some of you may be aware of the benefits to Flip Teaching, for others this may be a new concept. We will have a brief time together at Shair Fair and I wanted to make sure we use most of it for experiential exercises, therefore I am Flipping the introduction portion of this session and it is something you can use today.  Many teachers have attended my PD sessions and Flipped their class within a week (see the comments).


Thank you to the Morgridge Family Foundation for their generous support.


Dr. Renato Cataldo, CEO and Founder,



Follow the quick steps below prior to the sesssion:


Step 1) Listen to the PD Video Lesson above (you can expand the lesson to full screen)


In our session at ShareFair we will work on refinement of techniques and preparing you to Flip your class ASAP.


Step 2) Create an Educator account on CrazyForEducation.  << Click on the link.


Why create an account? Our software is Free for all schools, teachers amd their students.   By creating an account, you will be sent a discount code for our recommended lesson capture software (  We don't make this software, but for the $10 (with discount code), we think this is the best deal out there.


Step 3) Download the software and install it.  Then make a lesson or more about anything educational.  


For a tutorial on how to create lesson with Ink2Go, see the below options and click on the links below.


>> Ink2Go on a PC

>> Ink2Go on a MAC

>> Using the Cropping tool with Ink2Go

>> Handy Ink2Go Reference guide


Step 4) Once you have made a lesson or two, upload it to your account.   If you are unsure how to do that, see this video Uploading Lessons << Click on the link.



Extra stuff... Review the videos on our HELP site for additional information  << Click on the link.