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Professional Development Results 


The first hurdle in changing to Flip Teaching is recording the video lessons to "flip" the one-way communication of lecture out of the classroom to the home for viewing. This frees up classroom time to "flip" the homework from the home to the classroom where the teacher helps every student, every day. Students are engaged and excited for learning. Teachers report that they feel much more connected to their students' learning processes than previously possible.


We make Flip Teaching easy by showing teachers, even the most non-technical, how to easily and quickly record their video lessons. Don't just take our word for it. Hear, in the video below, from real teachers who completed our two-day professional development, "Making Flip Teaching Easy."


The second hurdle of Flip Teaching is what to do with all the classroom time that is freed up by naturally moving through the same curriculum faster than perviously, without even trying. We also cover this in our two-day professional development, "Making Flip Teaching Easy."

Six teachers describe their concept of how long it takes to record an average 8 minute video lesson pre-PD and the reality post-PD. At 3:55 in the video, the administrator of this charter school describes his response and his teachers' responses to the PD. (Remember, our Flip Teaching Made Easy PD is free to schools and school districts.)