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After Abigail Miller, a Spanish teacher, explained the Flipped Classroom to her students' parents, the parents commented:


"Thank you very much for the update! I love being brought into the classroom in a way that my son NEVER fully tells me what went on!"


"Best wishes for a fabulous year. I am very much looking forward to our parent/teacher partnership!"


"I'm excited about your method of flipping the class and video presentations! My son struggled in Spanish last year, and I could not help him because I have never had any Spanish. I'm thrilled that my daughter will be able to listen to a lecture as many times as she needs to get it. I can also watch and learn with her! I love it!"


"Thank you so much for the email. I am so excited about the idea of flipping the classroom work. Ask my daughter, I told her I want a 'do over'. I would have done so much better in school with this concept! Thank you again."



Kate Guthrie, a math teacher, received the following comments from her students' parents:


"I absolutely love it! It has made such a difference for me to know the lesson so I can help the kids understand it before doing problems on their own. Please please don't ever go back to the old way!!! You rock! And the kids really liked when you used their names in the word problems!"

- C. M.


"I happen to love the flipped classroom. If he has questions he can ask you at school instead of taking up a brick wall battle at home. He seems to not mind doing the questions at school where as it's like pulling teeth at home since he has already spent all day in school. I like it and wish all classes were like this. He has ADD. It helps a great deal to have his attention in the classroom as his medicine is at its peak during the day."

- C. K.


"I am totally sold on the 'Flipped Classroom'.  


Ian's grades are proof that it is working. In previous years, we always checked homework at home. Which included parental involvement and some reviewing of concepts.  This year, Ian is able to maintain the same grade but without any help from us. 


I think the concept has been a huge success!"

- N. D.


"We are really liking the flipped classroom for Davis.  He is doing well with it and seems to like it a lot.  I think it's great that he can see the lesson and then do the problems in class and ask you questions as needed.  It is definitely helpful for the students to be able to do more problems to understand the concepts.  I also like it that it is you on the video giving the lesson as you would in the classroom.  I find it helpful to be able to look at the lessons as well so that I can see what he is learning in class and help him as needed(although he hardly ever asks me.)  It is nice that the students can look over the videos to review concepts before the tests as well.


I am glad that it is you on the videos teaching the lessons instead of just a generic video teaching the lessons.  It is also a great tool to use so that the students can go at their own pace while learning which is one of the reasons that we have chosen Cornerstone Schools for our children!  Davis really enjoys you as a teacher and I appreciate all you do for him!  Thanks!"

- L. B.


"I cannot tell you how much the boys love it. They say it's the best math classes they have ever had ever!! They are so much more confident, I believe that coming to class with some understanding of the lesson gives them the impression that they already have understood and it really helps. They watch the videos multiple times when they don’t get it the first time which in class would not be possible and they feel prepared.


It is a huge success, thank you for all your hard work!"

- V. H.


"I like the concept of having the students work for their lesson. This seems to be highly effective for Lindsey thus far in the year."

- D. C.


"I think this is fabulous!


David seems to be able to quickly grasp the topics still.  Multiple examples in the video lessons let him listen and then work through the following samples to see if he can answer before you!


I like to be able to look at what he is learning.  Previously, I had to dig out textbooks (if he brought it home) and see if I could figure it out.


Homework is a set time frame… no more wondering how long it might take. 


Keep it up!  We love this!!"

- C. R.


"For Devon this has been exceptional.  He really likes it and I know he’s being challenged.  I really like it because I know beforehand if he is struggling with a concept, not that I can really help him, but dad can!  Thank you for taking the time to record these and offer this to our kids."

- T. B.


"I think it is wonderful! Thank you for all you do!"

-C. C.


"We love it!  I know the kids love it, and we are loving what we are seeing.  The homework is much more predictable, as far as the time commitment goes.  I remember the days of sitting next to them, trying to help them with their math homework, and it sometimes taking hours to get through it.  The kids seem like they are thriving with the flipped classroom.  I’ve watched many of the videos with them, and you do a wonderful job.  You are so calm, and make things easy to understand.  We are so thankful for this type of teaching, and are excited about the future with it, and you as their teacher!  They love you!!"

- C. & W. H.


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