Recording Lessons on a PC or MAC with Ink2Go
Our Recommended Software

The above tutorial shows how to use Ink2Go in about 13 minutes.


The tutorial below shows how to record just a portion of your screen so the Ink2Go bar, toolbars, and the task bar do not show. Therefore, only the important part of your screen is recorded, eliminating any distracting elements. About 4.5 minutes.

Ink2Go software from - download free trial
Shortcut Key list - download one page list of shortcut keys
With Ink2Go you can use one key press shortcuts to switch between tools such as highlighter, pen, line, arrow, circle, square, and more. You can print the Shortcut Key list and keep it beside you until you memorize the keys.
Top 9 List to Create Great Video Lessons - very short, a must read.
Why Do We Recommend this Software?
This fantastic and simple software product provides both PIP (Picture in Picture) to show a video of you while recording your screen plus annotation tools. It does more while recording than other more costly software. It works well on Windows 7 and 8 and the MAC. Click on the above link to go to the description and download page. They offer a free trial.


The annotation tools add interest just like highlighting, underlining, circling, and other effects you would do on a whiteboard, to bring attention to what you are showing.


We recommend recording your video lesson and be done with it. Do not spend time editing. It is much quicker to re-make a video lesson than to spend time editing. An average 8 minute video lesson should take about 10 minutes including set up of your software.


We Negotiated a Discount for You But You Don't Have to Use this Software


Ink2Go is very easy to use and just under $20 retail. However, when you sign up for an Educator account on CrazyForEducation, we'll send you an email with an Educator discount to obtain this software for just $10. You can use the fully functioning trial of this software for 15 days to see if you want to use it.
We have no relationship, financial or otherwise, with Ink2Go. We just like its capabilities and value for creating Flip Teaching video lessons.
You don't have to use this software. You can use any software that creates a video file in one of the following formats:
 .asf, .avi, .flv, .m4v, .mov, .mp4, .m4a, .3gp, .3g2, .mj2, .wmv
External Webcam
We recommend you have a good quality external webcam with HD video and high quality audio. For example, a couple that we like are the Logitech C615 or C525 (be aware that model numbers frequently change).
Make sure you have light shining on your face, even from a table lamp, with a darker background than that in front of you so your face will show very well. A light background and darker in front of you will cause your face to be dark, if not in silhouette.
If you use the audio from a microphone built into your laptop, you will hear a background hum or noise on the recording. This is the fan from your computer. You don't want this. That's why you need a good quality webcam.
Note: If you have trouble with the audio quality in Windows, you want to be sure you have selected your webcam as the audio microphone source in both Ink2Go (shown in the video tutorial above) and in Windows. In Windows, go to Control Panel > Sound > Recording tab and select the webcam.