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Free Online Flip Teaching Professional Development


We created a separate mini-website - - specifically focused on teaching yourself Flip Teaching. In less than one hour, you can start creating lessons and Flip Your Classroom.


It's 4 quick steps. You'll complete the process in less than one hour and be ready to start Flipping. Really. No kidding.


1) View a 2.5 minute video on "Why Flip?"


2) Learn How To Record Your Video Lessons With Ease and Speed. View one of two short tutorials on using either free software or a preferred software that costs only $10 for educators.


We show you to record an average 8 minute video lesson in about 12 minutes including set up time. Both software allow you to do Picture In Picture (PIP) video of you while you're recording your computer screen or using a document camera. The $10 software also allows you to use annotation tools so you can highlight, underline, circle and use other tools right on your computer screen, just like on a whiteboard.


Upload your video lesson to for free and use a whole range of features Designed By Flip Teachers, For Flip Teachers™.


3) View a 10 minute video on "Flippin' Best Practices." We'll give you the guidance you need to instantly become a great Flip Teacher.


4) View a 6 minute video on "What Happens in a Flipped Class." We have over 15 hours of interviews with Flip Teachers all over the U.S. discussing their Success Stories. This is a short clip from several of them.


Check it out: