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"I wasn’t looking forward to another PD presentation, but these guys were good. They gave me something I can actually use."

- Jim Mullen, Art & Design Teacher, Rockwood Valley Middle School


"I was introduced to the idea of Flip Teaching through a few PD training sessions offered by my district earlier this year. I was interested, but was struggling to see a way to get started. I then attended CrazyForEducation's PD training which was fantastic. It was clear. I was immediately able to understand and implement his instruction for creating video lessons for my Algebra students."

- Debbie Veatch, Math Teacher


Another teacher told us, "This was the best PD we've had." When we asked, "Why?", she said, "Because I can actually use the information you provided. A lot of PD is theory and we don't know what to actually do with it."


"I want to thank you for your Flip Teaching PD with our teachers. Many left very excited about the idea of Flipping Their Classrooms and can see the benefits of doing so. I actually had a teacher who has been considering retirement that said she can now see herself staying in teaching at least a couple of more years."

- Lisa Lingle, Secondary Mathematics Facilitator, Rockwood School District

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Free Flip Teaching Professional Development


Flip Teaching offers enormous benefits in student outcomes, engagement, and enjoyment for teaching and learning by both teachers and students, respectively. There are many well documented results that we can share with you.


The first hurdle in changing to Flip Teaching is recording the video lessons to "flip" the one-way communication of lecture out of the classroom to the home for viewing. This frees up classroom time to "flip" the homework from the home to the classroom where the teacher helps every student, every day.


Students receive far greater educational support than any other teaching method. Their test scores increase, failure rates and discipline problems dramatically drop, and they are engaged and excited for learning. Teachers report they feel much more connected to their students' learning processes than previously possible.


We make Flip Teaching easier than any other PD by showing teachers, even the most non-technical, how to easily and quickly record their video lessons. Don't just take our word for it. Hear, in the short video, Making Flip Teaching Easy, from real teachers who completed our two-day professional development.


The second hurdle of Flip Teaching is what to do with all the classroom time that is freed up by moving the lecture out of the classroom. Teachers report that while students' grades increase they naturally move through the same curriculum faster than previously, without even trying. We cover this in our two-day professional development.


To see a glimpse of the impact of Flip Teaching and why Flip Teaching makes all the above results happen, watch the short video on our Administrators page.


Hear from teachers who have already Flipped their classrooms in our teacher interviews on Why Flip and Flippin' Improvements.


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