Your teacher is using new software tools to Flip their classroom. If you are unfamiliar with a Flip Classroom model, the primary concept is that lessons will be recorded in video format for your student to view online prior to class. These lessons are usually 5 - 10 minutes, or so, in length.


The student should replay each video lesson as often as needed to understand the concept. This is one major advantage of video recording the lessons. Your student can also review the video lessons  whenever they like, for example, prior to a test.


In class, your teacher will be working with the students on the exercises they would have been given as homework. This is possible since the "lecture" part of class is now done through the video lessons and viewed outside of class.


Therefore the “Flip” is lessons at home and exercises at school. The Flipped Class reduces the stress traditional homework creates. It allows the teacher to spend more time with your student on an individual and group basis. If you wish to read more about Flip Classroom successes, please see the links below.


Many teachers are using It is FREE to you and your child to watch your teacher's lessons. Teachers are using because there is no advertising, your teacher is in control of all the links and content provided to their students, and teachers are provided insights to what your student needs through the special software tools.


You can register your child through the Student Sign Up button at the top of the website. Your teacher will provide an Educator Code for your student to access their lessons. Your student needs to enter at least one Educator Code when they first create their account. They can enter more Educator Codes at any time.


Please feel free to use a parent email and phone number as the contact, however use your child’s name in the profile, so the teacher can recognize each student. We encourage you to watch the lessons at home with your child and contact your teacher if you have any questions. In fact, feel free to create your own account, using the Student Sign Up. You can even use the same email and phone number as your student uses, however be sure to use a different username. That way you can view your student's lessons any time without interfering with their account.


This is an exciting time in education. Our goal is to provide each student with the best tools possible and improve their educational outcomes. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.




Dr. Renato Cataldo


CrazyForEducation LLC




A few recent Flip Classroom References:


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Explaining the Flipped Classroom


As a teacher, there are three audiences to whom you will want to explain the Flipped Classroom: students, parents, and administrators.


In our presentation (as a pdf) "Best Practices for Flipped Learning: Communication", we present ideas for you to use in explaining the Flipped Classroom to each of these audiences.


In addition, you can also share some data results with your administrators, as shown in our short video on Flip Learning on the Administrators page. And be sure to share our Free Flip Teaching PD page with your Administrators.

Letter to Parents

Use the following letter as a template to modify to explain the Flipped Classroom to Parents