View the video above to see "Why Use CrazyForEducation?", the only system specifically Designed by Flip Teachers,

For Flip Teachers™.


You Want a Simple, Integrated System to

Conduct Your Flip Teaching


A system to host your videos, with no ads, and to give you feedback from your  students on their understanding of the video lessons. We deliver. We offer the only system in the world with the specific features you need for a Flipped Classroom.


Free and Free, With No Ads


  • Free, always, for individual educators to host your lessons. 

  • Free, always, for your students to watch your own lessons.

  • No distracting advertising or uncontrolled content as on other services.  Advertising easily distracts students from their primary mission.

  • Your videos are accessable from any internet accessable device in the world. Your videos play on any device so it works in any 1-1 program (Windows, Mac, Chrome, Apple Tablet, Apple Phone, Android Tablet, Android Phone, etc.) The bandwidth is even recognized so a standard definition or high definition version will be played accordingly.


Now You Can "Read Your Students' Minds", Before You Even Walk in the Classroom You'll Know What Each Student Understands, Does Not Understand, and What They Are Curious to Know


  • Lesson Assignment. In this section, you write your assignment, for example, "Answer these the Notes section of your Digital Note Card." This provides feedback to you that they are watching the lessons as well as gives you insight, even before class, as to their level of understanding. You can use this section for whatever you want to convey to your students about this lesson. 

  • Student Digital Note Card. Your students can

    • a) take notes in the Notes section, and answer your Lesson Assignment questions, so you'll know what each student understands,

    • b) write, in the Summary section, a statement about the lesson to see if each student understands the concept,

    • c) even after replaying your video lesson they can write, in the "I Don't Understand Questions" section, their questions on which they need assistance, so you'll know, even before you walk into the classroom what each student does not understand, (if you see a common lack of understanding then you'll know you need to remake the video lesson and clarify a part of it), 

    • d) in the One Curiosity Question section, each student will write one question for which they want to know more about, related to the lesson, to stimulate class discussion on topics of interest to them. (One teacher even said that she didn't think her students would enter a Curiosity Question. However, they did, and it led to richer, deeper class discussions than she's had in 17 years of teaching.)

    • With one click, even before you walk into the classroom, you will have all your students' Digital Notecards in a summary table so you know what each student understands, what each student does not understand, and what each student is curious about, so you immediately start class with discussion and participation.

  • You've just accelerated the learning process by leaps and bounds. 


Do You Teach Multiple Courses or Collaborate? Then Course Management is For You.

Manage Classrooms/Sections/Virtual Groups.


  • Lesson Files and Web Links. These are titles and links to any type of files, for example, pdf, text, spreadsheet, that are supplemental to the video lesson that you want your students to review. These can even be links to websites that you want them to review. We even provide unlimited storage space for your Lesson Files so you have everything in one system.

  • Course Management. Easily manage all your lessons by organizing them under Course Titles. Create a name for each course you teach and organize your video lessons in the order you want your students to view them. Course listings allow you to re-use a lesson in multiple courses as needed. By creating a Course, you can also combine your lessons with lessons from collaborators with whom you may be teaching or co-developing a course, and put them all, in order, under one Course title.


  • Classroom/Section/Virtual Group Management. Organize your students by classrooms, sections, units, and virtual groupings. Whatever name you call it, you can keep all your students organized by whatever group arrangements you want. You can have any number of these groupings. These don't even have to be physical groups. You can have virtual groups, for example, if you want to make a group out of the struggling students to easily and quickly monitor their progress.


Assessments, Statistics, and Due Dates.


  • Student Feedback Each Step of the Way. Create Multiple Choice and Short Answer questions and assign them to individual lessons. However, use assessments as learning tools. With each answer, you provide an explanation as to why the answer is wrong or right


  • Cutoff Dates for Assessments. Each assessment can have its own cutoff date by which the students need to answer it or they will be locked out from doing so. It's up to you. 


  • Statistics. See, at a glance, how many times each student viewed each lesson along with the first and last date of viewing.


  • By reviewing a student's Assessments and Statistics you gain insight as to whether a student is struggling because they aren't viewing the lessons at all, or not enough. Or maybe they are viewing the lessons multiple times but they are still struggling so you know to dig deeper into their situation.


  • Assign a Due Date to Each Lesson. Group your lessons into units or courses, in the order you want them viewed, and assign due dates by which each lesson should be viewed. It's all very easy to do. You can even assign the same lesson to multiple courses, e.g. Chemistry and AP Chemistry, and the lesson for each course can have different due dates. 

Who Owns Your Video Lessons? You Do.

We Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way.


  • You own your videos. You can remove them at anytime, although we hope you never want to do so.

  • We are non-exclusive. You can keep your videos on another service, although there’s no need to do so.

  • As we sell subscriptions to students all over the world, as online video tutoring, you can receive income for yourself or tell us to donate the revenue generated from your lessons back to your classroom (up to $4,000 per month).

  • Teachers and Schools, tell us what features you want. We are adding new features every month.