All Teachers and Administrators:

Once you commit to Flip Teaching then be sure to review the only system uniquely Designed by Flip Teachers, For Flip Teachers™.

CrazyForEducation Makes Flip Teaching Easy. It's Free.

The only system

Designed by Flip Teachers, For Flip Teachers™.


Why Flip: If you don't know about Flip Teaching, see "Why Flip?"


New Flip Teachers: Leap the first hurdle, recording your lessons, with ease. You'll be ecstatic to see how to record your video lessons quickly, and so easily, with simple-to-use software.


All Teachers, Manage Lessons on the Only System Uniquely Designed, for Teachers and Students, for Flip Teaching:
We encourage you to view a short video showing the actual CrazyForEducation system and its Unique Features for Flip Teaching.


Success Stories: As one teacher told us, he's glad to find one system to replace three others that he was using. Once you start using the features in CrazyForEducation, we think you won't want to go back to the "old way." Read what teachers have to say about Flipping and CrazyForEducation.


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Teachers and Schools
  • Free video lessons hosting for Flip teachers with No  Ads. Free for your students to view your videos.

  • 7 Special Features Designed By Flip teachers, For Flip Teachers™.

  • Free 24x7 access to lessons for your students from any internet enabled device including computers, tablets, phones, etc.

  • Income for teachers based on a "pay for play" model. We can pay you or donate to your classroom!

  • Schools: Free PD for your teachers to transition to Flip teaching quickly, simply, and easily.

Click on this link for more "What Makes CrazyForEducation the Only Unique Service Specific to Flip Teaching?" And, incredibly, it's Free.

Free PD for Schools and School Districts


CrazyForEducation offers Free PD for Schools and School Districts all over the U.S. Get in touch with us through our Contact page. 


Since we're located in St. Louis, MO, if you're located near this area, we are especially interested in working with you to Flip Your Classrooms and document your results.

Click on this link for more "Why Should Our Teachers Flip Their Classrooms?" And, incredibly, it's Free for your teachers and their students. And we offer Free PD.

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