Annual Blended Learning and Hosting Contracts


Here's the question that school administrators should ask themselves:  What if every student, every day, did 5 - 6 hours of "homework"?  If every student does their work in their classroom with their teacher to help them immediately, when they get stuck, what would be the impact on student outcomes, engagement, and excitement for learning?


Our consulting services assist your educational institution to implement a student-centered approach to teaching through the flipped classroom and other innovative educational techniques.  With 30 years of experience in the educational and technology fields and a firm belief in the student-centered flipped classroom approach to learning, we help your organization move along the path to creating a richer and more engaging educational environment.


We help you to:


  • Frame your educational goals in the context of a student-centered approach

  • Learn specific flipped classroom techniques to further these goals

  • Implement these techniques using best-practices to realize these goals

  • Prepare specific student-centered lessons for the flipped classroom

  • Establish student performance benchmarks

  • Design assessments that align with your learning outcomes/benchmarks

  • Analyze and interpret assessment results from our Flip Teaching platform

  • Effectively use technology to enhance instruction from recording to use of our online services

  • We do all the above with two on-site PD sessions per year plus continual evaluation of your school/district on a monthly basis.


Plus all your students get 100% access to over 6,000 lessons from certified educators. For a school of 1,000 students this adds over $60,000 in free services to all your students.


What our customers say about our services...


"I wasn’t looking forward to another PD presentation, but these guys were good. They gave me something I can actually use."

- Jim Mullen, Art & Design Teacher, Rockwood Valley Middle School


"I was introduced to the idea of Flip Teaching through a few PD training sessions offered by my district earlier this year. I was interested, but was struggling to see a way to get started. I then attended CrazyForEducation's PD training which was fantastic. It was clear. I was immediately able to understand and implement his instruction for creating video lessons for my Algebra students."

- Debbie Veatch, Math Teacher


"This was the best PD we've had... I can actually use the information you provided. A lot of PD is theory and we don't know what to actually do with it."

- Heather Brightwood, High School Teacher


"I want to thank you for your Flip Teaching PD with our teachers. Many left very excited about the idea of Flipping Their Classrooms and can see the benefits of doing so. I actually had a teacher who has been considering retirement that said she can now see herself staying in teaching at least a couple of more years."

- Lisa Lingle, Secondary Mathematics Facilitator, Rockwood School District


Our service packages are simple...


Unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, two PD sessions*, and student passes to over 6,000 lessons from certified educators.


  • For 1-19 teachers per year and pilot projects contact Dr. Cataldo for details.


  • $250 / teacher / year, starting at 20 teachers per year.


  • $200 / teacher / year, 30-50 teachers per year.


  • $175 / teacher / year with 51 or more teachers per year.


* Additional PD sessions priced individually.

* The cost of the PD session travel is billed separately.

* No long term commitment.

* Only renew if you are happy with the services.


Contact Dr. Cataldo to start a discussion on how your school / district can utilize our services.