At CrazyForEducation LLC, we are constantly talking with Flip Teachers.
We thought about a way to share the stories of Flip teachers with all teachers. That led to the design and research for a video/text eBook that will be shared with teachers all over the world to help guide them through the "flip" to a Flipped Classroom.

We are continuing to interview Flip Teachers for inclusion in this eBook. The teachers that participate will also be promoted on this website and other, possibly national, audiences as we promote the eBook.
We are collecting very interesting stories of how Flip teachers found out about Flip teaching, how they introduced it to their students and parents, how they conduct Flip teaching (there's more than one way), the hurdles they conquered, the feedback they received from students, parents, and administrators, and the fantastic results they are achieving.


If you are interested in sharing your story, we would like to hear from you. Please fill out the brief form to participate.

Thank you.  
​Renato Cataldo, CEO, and Ed Mass, COO

(Note: We have a separate page for those interested in becoming Flip teachers.)

New eBook: 101 Flippin' Teachers

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